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SMFL Services and Capabilities

The capabilities of the SMFL include:

  • Wafer cleaning, ion implantation and diffusion, and high temperature processing both with conventional tube furnaces and RTP systems.
  • CVD / PECVD deposition capabilities are available for oxides, nitrides, and polysilicon. A variety of vacuum systems are available for sputtering and thermal evaporation of metals and dielectrics.
  • Lithography, including automated coating and development systems combined with a set of two 5:1 steppers with capabilities down to 0.40 microns, as well as 1:1 contact lithography and an electron beam exposure system for photo mask production.
  • Plasma etch capabilities for silicon, oxides, nitrides, and metals and provision for a broad variety of wet chemical etch processes as well as copper electroplating and CMP.
  • Complete prototyping of devices and systems with help from the electrical and surface analytical characterization labs, microelectronics layout and computer simulation facilities, and in-house industry-standard electronics packaging capability.

The SMFL offers a wide range of services from single process up to foundry services.
It is by no means a complete list, please contact us so that we can discuss your needs.

Foundry Services

The SMFL has a 2um CMOS process with an effective L of 1.5um.

  • We have run this process for customers using their design and incorporating our test structure for test verification.
  • Aluminum and Tungsten gate metals have been processed - others are possible.
  • Our Vt's are well matched but implant splits are possible.

  • We are currently putting together a page with more details including
    • Spice model parameters
    • Test results of last lot run - 4/12
    • Overview of the SMFL test chip with details on specific devices
      ** Typical run time is ~8 weeks

If you require this information or a quote on your process, please contact T. Grimsley

Single Process Services


Scanning Electron Microscopy
There are several SEMs available for imaging a variety of samples.

Film Thickness - Ellipsometry

  • Woollam VASE with Autoretarder operating at wavelengths from 240-1700nm and variable angle of incidence.
  • Rudolph Auto EL IV operating at three wavelengths

Film Thickness - Profilometry

  • Tencor P2 is a long length scanning profilometer useful for measuring step heights.

Film Thickness - Optical

Resistivity Measurements'

  • CDE Res Map provides sheet resistance and resistivity mapping of silicon wafers and films.
Thin Film Deposition

Sputter Deposition

  • The SMDL has a variety of DC and RF deposition tools. The PE 4410 is loadlocked and has sputter etch capability.
  • A wide variety of targets exist in bonded 8" form and unbonded 4" targets for the sputter head on the CVC 601 Sputter .
    • Al/Si, Ti, Cr, W/Ti, Cu, Mo, Ta - 8" bonded, water cooled targets
    • Cu, Ti, Ni, Cr, Ge, InSn, Mo, NiCr - 4" target for sputter head

Thermal Evaporation

  • The SMFL has two thermal evaporators - one is a basket style for various metals and the other is a flash evaporator for deposition of aluminum.

Electron Beam Evaporation
The SMFL has a CHA Ebeam Evaporator with a 3KV electron beam gun with an eight pocket carousel.

Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD)
The SMFL has an Applied Materials P5000 systems equipped with two deposition chambers

Low Pressure Chemical Vapor (LPCVD)

  • Our ASM LPCVD system is capable of depositing Nitride, Poly and Low Temp Oxide.
  • We also have a Parylene deposition system

A complete listing of all of the Tools in the SMFL can be found here

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