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Ivanti, formally known as LANDesk, is a product in use by Saunders Technical Support in order to provide remote assistance to our users and deploy software. While our users do not need to be concerned about most of the functionality of Ivanti, it does help to be informed about some of the things you may notice with the software installed onto your system.

Installing Optional Software using Portal Manager

See Portal Manager

Remote Support

The instructions below are typically only needed in remote support situations.  We have placed these here in case we need you to refer to them while we are on the phone with you to provide support.

In most cases, you won't need to follow these instructions unless we specifically ask you to.

Switching to Gateway Mode

If you require remote support, you may be directed to switch Ivanti into Gateway Mode.  Here's how.

Start by double-clicking on the LANDesk Remote Control icon in the system tray near the clock:

This will open a new window.  From here, you can use the Switch Mode button to switch from Direct Mode to Gateway Mode.  Once you click the button, the window will disappear.

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