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Special education as we know it is only one generation old. The educational situation of our parents is at a totally different place than the current one. Historically, education was the passing of knowledge from experts to children with little to no restriction on the powers of the school as well as benign deferment of the parents to the schools as the acting authority on what education is best for their child. Education today is a scientifically driven practice in which teachers are held accountable for providing education that can be shown to be effective. Parents have become increasingly involved in education and laws have been enacted to protect the rights of students with special needs. These laws were designed to protect disabled people as well as provide them with access to services and equal opportunity for education. These laws have now enforced by the government here in America for the past 40 years. Since that time, a great deal of research, resources, and attention have been given towards the analysis and betterment of special education. This Wiki collaboration is designed to inform about a myriad of disabilities as well as how they may interact with each other. Specifically, we are going to be focusing on students who are Deaf with additional disabilities (Deaf+).

The subsequent topics try to make accessible;

  • information about laws relevant to special education, what are IEPs
  • How are people with disabilities classified
  • Information pertaining to some select disabilities
  • What kinds of services are beneficial to students
  • What kinds of accommodations by educators will promote learning.
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