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Q: How do I submit a feature request for myCourses?

Contact Support

First, please contact Academic Technology Support with your question. From past surveys we find that as many as 60% of feature requests that our users have are already possible on myCourses.

Product Ideas Exchange

If a feature you would like to see on myCourses is not available, you are welcome to submit your idea to the Product Ideas Exchange for consideration by D2L, the company which makes Brightspace the learning environment branded as myCourses at RIT.

  • Bugs, defects and all other technical support issues with myCourses at RIT should not be posted to the Product Ideas Exchange. They should be reported to RIT's Academic Technology Support.
  • The Brightspace Community and the Product Ideas Exchange are public forums, please represent the Rochester Institute of Technology in a professional manner while participating in the community.
  • This site is not managed by Academic Technology Support or RIT. If you need assistance with your account or with using the community please use the contact information provided by the vendor on their site.


The Product Ideas Exchange is a part of the Brightspace Community hosted by the vendor at If this is your first time visiting, use their Become a Member to create an account with their site.


Once you are logged in to the Community site, click on Product Ideas Exchange on the Community Links area on the right side of the web page.

The exchange allows users to vote for and comment on ideas brought to the community for consideration by D2L. The more votes an item has, the more likely D2L is to consider the request. If you see a suggestion you agree with, give it your vote. If you feel you have a case to help demonstrate why a request is important, go and share that in a comment on the request and you may help convince other users to vote for the idea.

Before you post!

It is important to leverage the community to have a unified voice promoting a request. A single idea with a number of votes will get more attention from D2L compared to the same idea stated many different ways with only a few votes each. Before you post you will want to browse the current submissions or search to see if a similar request hasn't already been made.


You can browse the ideas that have been shared already. The main part of the page offers folder tabs to view the current requests in a number of different ways.

There is also a Search field at the top of the page.


If you find an idea that you agree with, use the arrows to vote it up. You can even down vote an idea if you don't agree with the request.


The Coming Soon tab on the exchange highlights requests picked up by D2L that have been implemented and are pending release.

Posting an Idea

If you can't find a similar request, go ahead and submit your idea for consideration using the Post Idea button in the right-hand column.

If someone comments on your idea you will receive an email at the address you supplied when creating your community account. You won't be notified of votes however, so you will have to check back in to see how things are going.

Ideas of Interest to the RIT Community

Now go out and promote your idea to help drum up the votes! 

Provide the title and link for your idea in an email to Academic Technology Support and we will add it to our page listing Feature Requests of interest to the RIT Community so we can work together to vote for requests.

Share it with your colleagues at your next department meeting. Ask for members of a relevant mailing list you are on to take a moment to vote it up. I'm sure you can think of other ways to help get more attention to your idea.


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