Hello Everyone!

Our second meeting will be this Saturday at 12 in Hugh L. Carey Hall Room 14-2585! Please bring your laptops this week you will be needing them!
  • Poll interest for KSP night
  • Sign Letter for Astronaut Chris Hadfield 
  • Swag
  • 30-60 second Subsystem review
  • Discuss and label functional, operational and constraint requirements of each sub system
I hope you all had a great second week of school and see you tomorrow! 
Deputy Director of Technology
PJ Zaccagnino

Hello everyone, 

First General Meeting

Our first general meeting is this Saturday, August 27th, @ 12pm in Hugh. L. Carey 14-2575/14-2585. We'll be in this room for the entire semester. If you are interested in joining SPEX I encourage you to attend this meeting as we will be kicking off our work on the CubeSat Launch Initiative. If you need interpreting services, please request them through RIT.
Meeting Outline:
  • Update on Mission Proposal
  • Define CubeSat Launch Initiative(CSLI) proposal requirements and deadlines
  • Overview of Subsystems
  • Divide into Subsystem groups and choose group leads.

Freshman/New Member Introduction Meetings

We'll be having two info sessions on Tuesday 8/30 and Wednesday 8/31 @ 5pm in HLC 14-2575/14-2585. PJ will be covering a brief history of SPEX, a breakdown of cubesats by subsystem, and an overview of the projects for the semester. If you need interpreting services, please request them through RIT.


Attached below are a few good resources to read.
Gantt Chart Timeline for the CSLI

CubeSat Primer: Contain good resources on cubesats, chapters from Space Mission Analysis and Design, and NASA's Small Satellite State of the Art Technology report.

RIT SPEX Fall Outline: Overview of our subsystem goals for the proposal and other goals for the group.

I can't wait to see you all tomorrow. Let's have a great semester.

T.J. Tarazevits
Student Director, RIT Space Exploration
Week 15: Payload Selection

Thank you for everyone who attended today's meeting. Below is the results of our payload review

We decided to hold voting for payloads remotely, so that everyone can have input. The poll will close Tuesday May 17th at midnight.

Remember to consider this will be our main payload for the CSLI proposal and that the payload is just a small part of the overall engineering challenge for the cubesat mission.
The three payloads are:
  • Radiation Memory Test
  • Electrodynamic Tether
  • Atmospheric Re-entry

ImagineRIT 2 Days to Go!

Just a reminder to sign up for a time slot at the booths for Saturday. Amber and Phil will be emailing out final information for Saturday. Meal cards and t-shirts have already been picked up and will be there in the morning. Setup starts at 8am and the festival starts at 10. Good luck on the finishing touches for projects! 

HAB2 Launch Sunday May 8th, 11am Parking Lot H

The HAB team will be launching their second balloon this Sunday. Come out and support your fellow SPEX members and watch as we launch something to the edge of space!

End of Year Dinner at MacGreggor's Next Week TBD

It's a SPEX tradition to end every semester with dinner at MacGregors'. It should be a fun time to hang out and relax going into finals week. I've made a when2meet poll to see what time works the best for everyone. This event is open to all ages.

Feasibility Review Saturday May 14th, 11am A300

Having worked on payload exploration projects this semester, it is time to come together to see where we stand, what worked and what didn't, and how we'll proceed as a group going into the Fall semester. Everyone's encouraged to attend, even if you didn't work on a payload project. We'll also be discussing improvements to the group in general.


We need everyone's help to make Imagine an even better success than last year. We need volunteers to man the booths during the event. You can sign up for a 30 minute block by putting your name in the Volunteer Sign up sheet. We need a minimum of 2 people to be at the booths at a time. Amber and Phil are printing posters for the booths and need designs from each group. Attached below is a template where you can swap in info for each project.

Saturday Meeting 11am Gosnell 08-2365- ImagineRIT Posters, Feasibility 1-Pagers

We're looking into getting our payload exploration work reviewed by experts in the field. In order to do this each group needs to make a 1-pager. If you haven't made a 1-pager before, they are 1 page summaries of a project, providing an overview of the idea, the process/timeline, and the theory/experiment. Almost all fo the information for the Imagine poster should carry to these.


  • Project Updates(Tether, MemTest, ADCS, SPEXcast, Astro, HAB)
  • ImagineRIT Prep - Posters are due Wednesday April 17th
  • Project Work
  • HAB Build Day 

Astronomy Week @ RIT

KSP event Friday 4/15/2015 in 08-1250 @5pm
SPEX is hosting a Kerbal Space Program challenge this Friday for Astronomy Week. Phil and I will be hosting the event as a special live recording of SPEXcast. 
Welcome to SPEX mailing list 2.0! I've compiled all the names that we had on the wiki/new member form/etc into one master list. If you do not wish to receive any more SPEX emails or have been inadvertently been re-added, please reply to this message and you'll be removed.
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Hello Everyone,

I hope everybody had a relaxing Spring break and is transitioning into the second half of the semester. 
Saturday Meeting - ImagineRIT Prep, Payload Work
For Saturday, unfortunately our usual meeting spot is unavailable. Therefore we'll be meeting in 08-2365 at 11amThis is still in Gosnell on the second floor.
Agenda for Saturday
  • Project Updates(Tether, MemTest, ADCS, SPEXcast, Astro, HAB)
  • ImagineRIT Prep- Led by Phil & Amber
  • Work on Payloads for Imagine
Imagine is in 38 days! You all should have received an email like this
Inline image 1
which means you have been added to the SPEX Imagine Exhibit. You need to click through and fill in/confirm all of your information in order to be registered. If you have not received an email and registered for Imagine, message Helen to make sure you get added. Registration closes THIS FRIDAY!

SPEX has been invited to present at the biweekly AstroLunch presented by RIT Astrophysics. We'll be presenting all of the cool things SPEX has done over the past year. The event will be Wednesday April 20th at noon, room 76-1275.

Astronomy Week
SPEX is also working with the greater RIT space community for Astronomy Week. Running April 11th-15th, SPEX will be holding a Star Party Thursday night with the telescopes used for Astrodynamics. We'll also be hosting a Kerbal Space Program Multiplayer event on Friday. There will be additional events that week hosted by other space clubs on campus.
Cubesat Devkit
Dr. Patru's grad assistant has finished setting up the devkit. If you are interested in going hands-on with our cubesat devkit email me or talk to me Saturday. Also we are looking for faculty experienced with embedded systems and/or Real Time Operating Systems(RTOS) who may advise us as we get more experience with the hardware. If you have any suggestions or 
We released Episode 6 today talking all about interplanetary travel and the challenges human spaceflight presents. You can pick up the latest episode on iTunes or your podcasting app of choice or directly download it.
We'll also be doing a live recording during ImagineRIT! Stay tuned for more info.
I apologize for the massive information dump but this  pretty much covers it for the rest of the semester. Hope to see you all Saturday.
Hey all, I hope midterms are going well!


TJ-Student Director
PJ-Deputy Director
The response data will be going online once the PID is out

No All Hands This Weekend-Enjoy Spring Break

However, if you are interested in doing a Kerbal Space Program night (only need to bring a snack) on Friday or Saturday, email by Thursday night 8:00pm

Hello Everyone,

Over the past couple weeks, TJ, Augie, and I have been working on a podcast called SPEXcast.
SPEXcast is a weekly podcast all about space. We cover space engineering, space science, and astrodynamics topics. We're hoping to make this into a great outreach tool for SPEX, and to cover some of the amazing projects we're working on in future episodes.
We had our official launch yesterday with our first three episodes. Now we're looking for feedback from all of SPEX. We're all new to podcasting and we want to learn and improve as much as possible. We've made a feedback form to make it easy. You can find us on iTunes, and an up to date list of all of our episodes on our wiki page.

Leadership Review

All Hands Meeting 08-A300 1100 Saturday

  • Both payload groups need to do a 15 minute update where they can walk through their wiki, what they've defined, what they've figured out and what they plan on doing for ImagineRIT.

Saturday Meeting 08-A300 1100

This week two groups will be presenting and it will be the first week with new leadership!

Group Presentations ADCS


  • Complete research, concept design, problem definition
  • Start prototype building, concept testing
  • Prepare for week 7 mini update 


  1. HAB Presentation
  2. ADCS Presentation
  3. Break into workgroups

What was moved?

What is the SPEX Internal Branch?

SPEX Internal is a portion of the wiki that is only able to be viewed by SPEX members. It works in exactly the same way as the rest of the wiki. Keep in mind that all child pages of SPEX Internal are also only viewable if you are logged in and added to our member list.

Why were these projects moved?

As we start developing our own technology and research, it is important to be secure with our work-in-progress content, plans, and technology. The public branch (which is viewable to anyone) should be where teams show off their finished works, deliverables, and other things in "Beta." This keeps things organize, makes the Wiki look a lot more professional, and lets us share information while having the security knowing it will stay inside the group.

What should be public/private?

Rule of Thumb: If you're not comfortable showing it at ImagineRIT or to a potential sponsor, it shouldn't be on the public branch.

BylawsEmail lists
BlogWIP Documents
Outreach & PhotosWIP Designs
Deliverables & Project PapersWIP Anything

Help! I can't see the internal pages!

  1. Log in to the wiki using your RIT computer account username and password and try again.
  2. If you still can't see it, send your RIT username in an email to Philip Linden or message @phil.linden in #wiki at

I have a question that's not answered here!

Comment on this blog post, send an email to Philip Linden or message @phil.linden in #wiki at (Slack will get you the quickest response)


Please sign up for projects on the team wiki and remember our meeting is moving back an hour to 11am to better support payload teams!
Sign in to the wiki and add your name and to the team roster for one of the two projects below:
Also, please sign up for leadership opportunities if you want to do it!

Fill out this application to apply for the following leadership roles:

  • Director, 
  • Deputy Director, 
  • HR, Education, 
  • Finance/Development and 
  • Outreach Positions as well as
  • Project Management Positions

Check out the SPEX WIKI!

Seriously, this is a great repository of what's going on with the group and has useful links for you to get the most value out of your experience! It's going to be updated every week with useful information, pertinent data and shortcuts to everything you need. 

Robertson 1-on-1-Thursday 3:30-4:30 GLE 3119

Ms. Robertson, an NASA propulsion engineer who 3d printed a rocket engine is presenting at RIT and taking an hour out of her day to talk to us about the field! 

Payloads Chosen

We need engineers, scientists and more to help out with these projects! Sign up by Friday, do the when2meet and start reading up to get ready to build with the five weeks we have remaining! Saturday and all following weeks will be up to your group to make successful. 
If you wish to lead one of the two groups, please email me and participate in the leadership search survey below.

Saturday Meeting 11:00 08-A300

  1. ImagineRIT
  2. Leadership Search Results
  3. Payload Expectations (by end of weekend)
    1. Group Leads
    2. Project Milestones
    3. Deliverables
    4. Use Cases/What does ImagineRIT look like
  4. Swag Survey Results
  5. Talk about social events during week 6 or 7
  6. Break into group work with payload teams

Leadership Search

This includes the 
  • Director, 
  • Deputy Director, 
  • HR, Education, 
  • Finance/Development and 
  • Outreach Positions as well as
  • Project Management Positions

Expectations are on the wiki. They're pretty mild because we're already into the semester, so its intended to be more of a transition than anything else. 
Note: This was originally an email sent to SPEX members from ANTHONY HENNIG
Open for business!

The SPEX Wiki is now open to all teams to document their projects and research.

Create pages and fill them with links, text, images, videos, data, files, and anything else you want to keep track of. There are many page templates to choose from, and each one is fully customizable.

For help, contact Philip Linden.

Have fun!


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