Dimension 6:  Organizational Agility [1]

Co-Chairs: Amit Ray and Howard Ward

SC Member(s):  Jeanne Casares, Ed Lincoln

Trustee:  Nancy Fein (remote)

Alumni:  Bill Garno

Dimension Statement: RIT’s curricula, administrative, and organizational structures will serve, not impede, discovery, border-crossing, and collaboration among students, faculty, and staff. We will develop an operational culture in which good ideas find and drive the processes necessary to support them efficiently.

Initiating Considerations:

        Are their RIT policies and/or practices that impede student learning? What would happen if they were revised or eliminated?

        Conduct a discussion about non-productive meetings. Is there a creative way to reduce their number?

        Consider instances in which faculty/staff cannot get the institutional data they need.

        Do we make sufficient use of technology to make tedious practices more efficient?

        What are the most harmful instances of silo’s and how could they be eliminated?

Possible areas of focus:

-               Faculty sabbaticals in another RIT college?

-               Create an organizational structure and university-wide accounting practices that encourage true inter-disciplinary collaboration among students, among faculty, and between students and faculty.

-               Create opportunities for students to enroll in courses traditionally “closed” to non-majors—e.g., studio classes in CIAS.

-               Consider a student survey in which

-               Develop alternative methods for evaluating and granting credit.

-               Address efficiency of decision making across the university, including governance groups.

-               Explore alternative arrangement of teaching roles.

-               Remove silos impacting information sharing.

-               Reward groups that develop time- and angst-saving processes for decision making and implementation.

-               Establish a “silo-crushing” award.

-               Consider a student survey exploring the most irksome and non-productive policies and procedures.



Organizational Agility (2)












[1] Goals and Strategies developed for this Task Force are likely to be trans-dimensional with Student Success and Innovative Curricula and Creativity.