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The following plan has been created for you by Stephanie Bauschard.

Plan: Leave of Absence Success Plan

A Leave of Absence allows a student up to three terms of non-enrollment (including summer) away from the university while maintaining matriculated status in their program of study. Please reference RIT Policies and Procedures: Policy D02.1

Overview: This LOA Success Plan outlines activities to help maximize your time away from RIT and position you for success upon your return.

  • Important LOA Dates
    • LOA Effective Term: ____________
      Planned Return Term: ___________
      The maximum time frame to be on an LOA is 3 consecutive terms of non-enrollment (including summer), therefore you must register for the following term to maintain your student status: ____________
      Work with your Advisor to confirm your return from LOA and plan for future enrollment.
  • Update Contact Information in SIS
    • It is important to keep your personal contact information up to date in SIS, as this is the information the university and your advisor will use to contact you while you are on LOA. If your mailing address, email address, or phone number change be sure to update it in SIS as soon as possible.
  • Advising Communication Plan
    • Check in with your advisor to discuss the items included in the LOA Success Plan, course work, campus resources, and other helpful resources. You and your advisor have agreed to communicate with the following method(s) and frequency:
      Email: ______________
      Phone: _____________
      Return from LOA form completed by: ______________
      Registration planning: _______________
      Advisor email address:
  • Consider Coursework at Another College
    • Research possible course(s) to take at another college and seek pre-approval from your department.
  • Secure Work
    • Secure work that may count toward a co-op requirement or supports your academic pursuits (academically or financially).
  • Follow Up
    • Add comments here with clear instructions
  • Action Item
    • Add comments here with clear instructions
  • Research Academic Services
    • Research academic support services available on campus that may be useful upon your return.
  • Resolve Holds
    • Resolve any holds that may be preventing enrollment.
  • Work with Student Financial Services
    • Work with Student Financial Services to create a payment plan for outstanding fees.
  • Complete Return from LOA (RLOA) Form
    • In the term prior to your scheduled return from LOA, request that your advisor file a Return from LOA form on your behalf to ensure you have an enrollment appointment in SIS. This process can take up to two weeks so you should plan accordingly.
      Contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships ( ) to work with your counselor regarding your financial aid award package. International and Graduate students should work with their department regarding scholarship information.
      If you intend to return to RIT housing, contact Housing Operations ( ) well in advance of your return in order to secure a housing assignment.
  • Official Transcript
    • If you have taken any course credits while away from RIT, be sure to request an official transcript be sent to RIT's Office of the Registrar. ( )
  • Academic Planning
    • Review your Academic Advisement Report (AAR) and program requirements with your advisor to discuss your next term as well as to map a plan for degree completion.

Please note: In order to enroll when returning from a LOA, you must contact your advisor to ensure that a Return from LOA form has been submitted and you have an enrollment appointment. This also gives you the opportunity to review your course selection for the semester and review the items on the LOA Success Plan.
Find your Success Plan in Starfish:
1. Log into SIS, and click the Starfish icon.
2. From the Starfish home page, click the Plans tab in the left-hand navigation bar.
3. You can view all of the items in your plan here and by clicking View Details you can print the plan.

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