To use RIT VPN, you will need to start by going to the App Store and searching for Cisco AnyConnect and installing it.  It is a free app.

Once installed, launch the App.  You will be prompted to allow Cisco AnyConnect to extend your VPN capabilities. You must select OK to use this App.

Once started, Tap Connections and then Add VPN Connection.

Enter RIT VPN for the Description and for the Server Address and tap Save.

Once done, you will see RIT VPN under your Connections.  Tap the slider just to the right of AnyConnect VPN to activate the RIT VPN Client.

You will receive a warning that the server is untrusted.  Tap Change Settings to reconfigured the App so it will allow you to connect.

In the settings, tap Block Untrusted Servers to turn it off.

Now try to connect again by tapping slider just to the right of AnyConnect VPN.

Tap Continue when prompted to connect to an Untrusted Server.

Enter your RIT username and password when prompted.  Do not include or as part of the username.

Once connected, you will see a small VPN box in the upper left-hand corner of your iPad to indicate you are on VPN.  Once you are ready to disconnect, open the Cisco AnyConnect app and tap the slider to the right of AnyConnect VPN to turn it off.