When enrolling a user into a course you select the Role to assign them in that course.

What access a role has to a course is defined globally for all of RIT. The access a role has cannot be customized at the course level.

User Roles

User roles work with a course as participants.

User roles cannot see a course listed nor access it if a course is set as inactive by the Instructor or if the timing is currently before the start date set on a course (Course Admin > Course Offering Information).

Staff Roles

Staff Roles have varying control over the course and course tools. The roles are listed below in order from most control to the least control.

Staff Roles cannot participate in activities to be evaluated such as taking a quiz, submitting an Assignment, and cannot be graded.

Their access is not restricted by course dates or the courses active state.


A users role will impact how a user can see sections in a merged course.

Student and Guest are enrolled in a specific section and can only see the section they are assigned to.

All other roles have access to all sections of a course.