In response to student feedback, we strive to keep course titles standardized and clear so users can readily locate and identify their courses. Course numbers must remain first in the title and the name must be in line with SIS and other academic records.

Course titles will not be renamed to adjust the sorting of titles or for indicating inactive or unused courses. There are other approaches for the handling of inactive and unused courses, which can be discussed with the scheduling officer for the academic department or with assistance from Academic Technology Support.

Supported Cases

Incorrect Course Titles

Course titles on myCourses are driven by the Registrar's records as the authoritative source. If a course title has a typo or it is entirely incorrect, the academic department should work with the Registrar's Office to address the concern. Any changes made in the Registrar's records will be reflected on myCourses with the next daily feed ~3AM Eastern.

Clarifying Course Titles

If an Instructor has a course title with an abbreviation the would like to expanded or they have a general title they wish to add specific information to, the instructor may contact Academic Technology Support to have the course title adjusted. An example of a general title would be ENGL.555.01 - Special Topics being renamed to ENGL.555.01 - Special Topics: Greek Mythology.