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Ensemble Video is RIT's streaming media server.  It allows faculty to share video with students while restricting playback from within mycourses.rit.edu.  Playback is streamed to ensure smooth viewing and accessibility across a variety of devices.

The advantages of using Ensemble video include:

  • Streamed video to ensure playback is smooth and compatible with all devices / browsers
  • Secured access that is restricted to playback only within myCourses
  • Integrated with RIT's caption vendor so that captions can be ordered ( by TLS) and automatically applied to your videos
  • Allows faculty to store videos for future use (up to 10 GB)
  • Allows faculty to upload and insert videos via the myCourses Insert Stuff icon

Please review the Ensemble Video Policies

<center><iframe id="ensembleEmbeddedContent_EgivIwFp-E6kglZRthNwFQ"  src="https://video.rit.edu/app/plugin/embed.aspx?ID=EgivIwFp-E6kglZRthNwFQ&displayTitle=false&startTime=0&autoPlay=false&hideControls=false&showCaptions=false&width=400&height=225&displaySharing=false" frameborder="1" style="width:400px;height:281px;" height="281" width="400" allowfullscreen></iframe></center>


Academic Technology Support
Innovative Learning Institute
Phone: 585-475-2551 (Press 2)
Hours of Operation and Instant Messenger contact:

TLS Media Services: ol-media@rit.edu

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Getting Started with Ensemble Video

Step 1: Complete the Media Request Form

  • If it is your first time submitting media for streaming/captioning please complete the TLS media request form.  
    1. TLS Media services staff will respond to your request and create an account for you on the Ensemble video server.
    2. You will receive an email with instructions on how to access your media library and insert your videos into myCourses

  • If you have previously requested media captioning or video streaming, then a media library has already been created for you.  All your previously submitted videos are available for you to manage and insert into future courses.  You will also have the capability of uploading new media into your library.

Contact ol-media@rit.edu and verify that you have access to your media library.

Step 2: Upload media for streaming & insert media into myCourses

Step 3: Request captioning

  • Captioning must be requested for all credit-bearing course media.  To initiate a request please complete the course media request form and specify that you have uploaded your media via Ensemble Video in myCourses. 
    Captioning turnaround time is 1-2 weeks so please plan accordingly.

Step 4: Managing your existing media on the server



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