We like to see our usage statistics as high as they can be.  Our ideal setup would be 100% utilization with little wait time.  Realistically that won't happen.  One of the largest factors that impacts utilization is when a user requests resources they don't use; for example: job requests 16 cores but is single threaded. The other 15 cores would be locked out from other users and hold up the queue. We're a bit more flexible with RAM as it's much harder to estimate usage before running your jobs. 


Resource utilization summary:


To see all available resources, use the command `cluster-free`. Unfortunately, this will show some computers that may not actually be available for your use. The ones that are available are listed in the command `sinfo` under the partition 'work'. The maximum size for a single node job is currently 60 cores, which will run on the computer overkill. It may take you a bit of time to get that machine though, especially if there is a long queue. The cluster will attempt to prioritize smaller, faster jobs.