Can I retake a quiz/assignment/exam? Do you allow makeups?

After a graded activity passes the due date, we cannot reopen it or allow makeups for individual learners. We encourage you to complete your graded activities well before the due date to avoid any missed or lost points.

If a quiz or assignment is not yet due, but you have used up the allowed number of attempts, we also cannot reopen it or reset your attempts.

Can you change the deadline for a quiz/assignment/exam? I have a conflict, can you give me an extension?

Unfortunately the course delivery platform does not allow us to change the deadlines for individual learners or allow extensions on due dates.

I missed the deadline, can I send you my answers by email?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept submissions of graded activities by email and the course delivery platform will not allow us to input a grade manually. Also since the item is past due, we cannot reopen it for submissions. We encourage you to submit your graded quizzes and assignments well before the due date to avoid any missed or lost points in the future.


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