Why does the verified certificate cost more in the MicroMasters courses than other courses? Why is the capstone price so high?

The courses in the MicroMasters programs are different than other courses on edX. These courses provide advanced-level learning and lead to a MicroMasters certificate, therefore, the cost is higher than many other courses. The capstone is priced that way because it verifies your learning across multiple courses and if you earn the MicroMasters certificate and get accepted to RIT, it can lead to RIT university credit. Capstones also have a higher cost to administer due to advanced mechanics for academic integrity and learner assessment.

This pricing is in line with other edX MicroMasters programs – some of which are slightly lower cost, some of which are slightly higher cost.  We reviewed all of our pricing structure with edX and with other MicroMasters programs to be sure that our prices were similar to comparable offerings.


EdX does offer financial assistance for those who qualify. View edX's Financial Assistance page for details.

If you do not qualify for financial assistance, you may want to consider purchasing all courses in the program at the same time, which will get you a 10% discount on the total program cost. View the About page for your program on edX for details on bundled enrollment.


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