Why should I pursue a MicroMasters certificate? What are the benefits of the MicroMasters Program?

Anyone, anywhere can complete an edX MicroMasters program and earn a MicroMasters certificate. There are no application forms, no standardized test scores, no recommendation letters, and no transcripts or grades required from your past education. You can learn at your own pace, demonstrate success and earn the MicroMasters credential.

It is particularly suited for people who have a Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree and who want a career-focused professional credential to launch or advance their career in in-demand fields, or for people who have not yet completed a Bachelor’s degree and who want to gain valuable skills and knowledge in an in-demand field to improve job prospects.

One of a number of benefits of a MicroMasters credential is they offer a cost-effective, flexible pathway to an accelerated graduate-level credential at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). More information about the graduate-level credential options after earning a MicroMasters Certificate are at:

NOTE:  This FAQ is about the full MicroMasters certificate. For information on the benefits of the individual course verified certificates, view out FAQ on pursuing a verified certificate.


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