The RIT Wiki is updating from version 5.9.9 to version 6.2.4 of the Confluence Wiki. Below are some highlights, including the much requested collaborative editing. Now you can work together on pages in real-time!

The complete Confluence 6.2 Documentation is available through the vendor.

The RIT Wiki will be unavailable on Wednesday, August 23, 2017 5:30pm - August 24, 2017 6:30am while this update is applied.



Collaborative editing has arrived

The feature you've all been waiting for has arrived - collaborative editing! See who's editing the page with you, and watch their changes in real time. Changes are automatically saved and synced so there's no need to ever manually save. Your only decision is when to publish the changes. 

Working together in the editor

Whether you're in the same room, or on a different continent, speed up the draft and review processes by working together in real time.

You don't need to sacrifice the power of the Confluence editor either – all your layouts, macros and favorite features are available. 

Subtle cursors show who is in the editor with you, and what they're doing. 



Publish when you're ready

One of the things that sets Confluence apart from other real-time editors is the separation between viewing a page and editing a page.

Your audience can continue to read your page, without seeing your edits in real time. This is super important if you're working on policies, procedures or documentation pages.

Once you and your team are done editing, you can:

We make it very clear if you're about to discard changes made by other people! 



Resume unfinished work

Work on a page for just a few minutes or several days. We'll save your changes until you're ready to publish. 

Hit Edit any time to resume your work. Any unpublished changes from you or your team will be ready and waiting for you. If you created the page, and it has never been published, you can head to Profile > Drafts to resume working on it. 

What's under the hood?

Collaborative editing is made possible by the magic of Synchrony. When you install Confluence, Synchrony will be configured to run as a separate process on your server. 

Head to  > General Configuration > Collaborative editing to administer collaborative editing for your site. System administrators can:

Invite people to edit with you 

Working on a page and could use some help? Invite your teammates to edit the page with you, without leaving the editor. 

You can invite people by name, email address or even invite a whole group. They'll get a notification to take them straight into the editor. You can invite people to a draft, before you've published, or to pages with unpublished changes. 

Alternatively you can grab the link and share it via chat, text, carrier pigeon, it's totally up to you.



Resolve permission roadblocks faster

Space permissions and page restrictions are an inevitable part of many Confluence sites. Inviting someone won't automatically grant them permissions to edit the page, so to make it easier for people to get access we've made a few changes. 

Additional Editing Updates

Take control of your tables

Say goodbye to ugly tables, cry no more over that narrow, hard to read column. Get your table columns under control once and for all with our new resize options. Drag column borders to resize them and make your table look the way you want. For even more control you can pick a table mode from the table toolbar. Responsive adjusts the width to fit the page viewer's browser window, while fixed width keeps the exact width you set, regardless of the size of the browser window. 


Space Admin Updates

Copy page hierarchies

By popular demand, you can now copy a page and all its child pages in one easy process. This lets you duplicate existing content, kick off new projects with the perfect pro-forma page hierarchy, or take a snapshot of important pages - the possibilities are endless.

But that's not all, you can now also choose a location to copy to. No more copying a page and then manually moving it to another parent page or space. 

Whether you copy into the same space or a different space, we give you the tools you need to modify page titles on the fly and control what's included in your new pages. 



Delete page hierarchies

Need to clean up old content or quickly trash of all those copied hierarchies you can now make? Never fear, when deleting a page you now have the option to delete just the current page, or to delete the page and all its child pages. 

We'll warn you of any incoming links, but won't include links that are coming from pages that will also be deleted in the same batch, making it super easy to tidy up your incoming links before you delete.

Add and remove space watchers

Maybe you want to help new members in your team get off to a good start by watching some important spaces on their behalf, perhaps you want to help someone who is getting too many notifications from a space. 

Now, space admins can add and remove space watchers. Previously space admins could only manage watchers for individual pages, not a whole space.