Welcome to the Starfish page for the RIT community! Within this site you will find an overview of the academic alert system, training documentation, and FAQ's. 

Fall 2181 Academic Progress Surveys*

Academic Progress survey 2181-1 will open at 7am on Monday September 17th and close at 11pm on Sunday October 7th. 

Academic Progress survey 2181-2 will open at 7am on Monday October 14th and close at 11pm on Sunday November 4th.

Last day to withdraw with a grade of “W” is Friday November 9, 2018.

All 2181 flags will be Cleared on Friday December 21st.

*You can send an academic alert at ANY point in the term by using the "Raise Flag" function.


Starfish Instructor Quick Guide

How to Complete an Academic Progress Survey Video

Starfish allows the course instructor to easily inform a student that they may be at-risk in specific areas within the course.  Advisors assigned to the student also receive notification of the instructors concern. Instructors and advisors can then take a coordinated approach to help students utilize campus resources and develop an action plan.

The progress survey allows an instructor to send alerts related to different aspects of academic performance (attendance/participation, low assignments/tests scores, or multiple concerns). Each topic identified as a concern will generate an automated email that goes directly to the student. We ask that you:

Training and Questions:

Training sessions will be offered through CPD on:


We are continuously developing this site and information will be updated regularly; please check back frequently for the newest updates about academic alerts!