Dead leaves is a Science fiction film that follows two characters, Retro and Pandy. Retro gets his name for having a retro TV for a head, and Pandy for having a panda-like mark on her face. As the movie opens we find them both naked on earth in a field. In the first few lines exchanged in the movie between retro and Pandy they wonder at how they got there, and who they were before this point. Then they go on a rampage for food and clothing. Because Pandy and Retro's rampage causes much disarray, the cops start chasing them. While the cops are chasing them Retro and Pandy find out that they have more than human abilities. After they are apprehended by the cops they are sent to a prison called Dead Leaves on the half destroyed moon. They are thrown in solitary confinement along side the regular inmates, and find that most if not all of the inmates are genetically altered in some way. They meet two of the prison's ruthless guards 666 and 777 who are genetically enhanced as well. Retro and Pandy stage a break out of the inmates and head around the prison looking for some way out, on there trip the mob of inmates and the main characters are chased and attacked by many human and robotic guards. The Warden sends 666 and 777 in to suppress the inmates and Pandy and Retro fight them. and they kill the two guards. Following the death of 666, and 777 Retro and Pandy fight Galatica (The Warden), and during the fight Pandy gives birth to a gene-mutant that kills Galatica. After that battle Pandy and Retro escape the prison and see their child sacrifice himself to save his parents, the only word the baby says is "mama" when he looks at Pandy for the last time. In the escape pod they crash back right where they were at the start of the movie, and after the cryogenic pod activates.


This film is a Science Fiction movie, which in today's world implies that many rules of physics can be broken for no apparent reason. This film exploits the rules of the natural world, or lack there of, for the main characters Pandy and Retro and The Warden as well. The two main characters seem to be the stereotypical Sci-fi characters. They have super-human abilities and traits that make them very hard to kill, as well as giving them unstable personalities. The view point taken on this story is an interesting one, many things are not said flat out, but implied to be true.

This movie has facets of violence and gore, as well as many genetically altered people. There seems to be no real overall theme to the movie, due to the excessive amounts of violence that seem to be in every scene. Also, there doesn't seem to be any planning on the characters' part that would initiate a plot; everything is done on a whim. Pandy and Retro go on a crime spree for food and clothing, the two have sex on a whim, basically everything they do is done without thinking. The movie is filled with nonstop action, which constantly grips the viewer's attention, but does not provide a sensible plot.


Reto, Pandy, The Warden are the main characters you see in this movie, The Baby, 666, 777, dick drill are lesser characters, and don't forget about the incredibly expendable human guards.

Retro is the main male character with a retro TV for a head, and thinks he is some former mafia guy because of his martial arts skills.

Pandy who is the Female main character is one that has a mutated eye, and a panda-like mark over her face for which she got her name.

The Warden or Galatica is in control of the prison and the genetic experiments that go on inside the prison as well, she seems to be rather ruthless the time that she is seen on the screen, and she has an obsession with a child’s fairy tale of a caterpillar.

The Baby only exists for a couple minutes at the end of the film. He is born to Pandy and Retro and he is a gene-mutant as well. The only words he says are to Pandy and those words are "mama" when he looks at her for the last time before saving his parents to kill the giant caterpillar in the process.

666 is a very fast light genetically alternated person, and he has two long very sharp blades for hands. He is the light counterpart of the two bio-weapon guards.

777 is the heavy counterpart to 666 a bulky and very tough bio-weapon, he has guns hidden underneath his flesh and prefers brute strength and force rather then cunning and finesse.

The movie in my opinion was a good action thriller, it kept me glued to the screen to for what going to happen next, but the end of the film left it rather empty. It felt as if there was no point but to show mindless violence, sex, random movement, non-stop moving, and acting on whims. This movie was visually gripping, but the story was a bit boring.