Printer/Copier/Fax Locations

Printer Name

Oracle Name




Fax Number
JarJar Marketing Dept. Color PrinterHP Color LaserJet CP4025LOW-A910
Outside of LOW-A311
Student Services - BWprscb7_appStudent Services Copier

Xerox WorkCentre 3655X

A Level - BWprscb1_appA Level CopierXerox WorkCentre 7855

Outside of LOW-A311

A Level - Color A Level Color CopierXerox WorkCentre 7855LOW-A910
Outside of LOW-A311
Dean's Reception - BWprscb4_appDean's Area Copier

Xerox WorkCentre 7225PT

Dean's Reception - Color Dean's Area Color CopierXerox WorkCentre 7225PTLOW-2302 
Dean's Office - BWprscb5_appDean's Office Copier

Xerox WorkCentre 3655X

2nd Floor - BWprscb6_app2nd Floor Copier

Xerox WorkCentre 7855PT

Outside of LOW-2319 
2nd Floor - Color 2nd Floor Color Copier

Xerox WorkCentre 7855PT

Outside of LOW-2319

3rd Floor - BW


3rd Floor Copier

Xerox WorkCentre 5765

NTID Offices

Ross Hall Ross Hall Faculty PrinterXerox WorkCentre 3655XROS-A179 

Secure Print

Each Xerox printer has a Secure Print option.  When printing your document, click Properties in the print dialog.

Change the Job Type from Normal Print to Secure Print.

When you print, you will be prompted for a temporary passcode.  Type in the passcode you want to use to release the job from the copier.

The passcode is used for this printout only.  Each time you print, you can set a new passcode.

To release your secure print at the machine, hit the Job Services button to the left of the touch screen.

Select the Secure Print Jobs tab and find your username. Click your username and type in your previously made passcode.

Select the job you wish to print and select Release Job.

Scan to Email

Start by selecting E-mail from the touch screen.

Select New Recipient... to type in the address.  You may also select Network Address Book... to search the RIT Global Address List.

Once you have the address in, set the settings you need and press the large, green Start button to the right of the touch screen.

Web Printing

If you would like to print via the web without having to install the printer, start by saving your document or file as a PDF as web printing only works with PDF documents.

Go to using your web browser and sign in using your RIT username and password.

You will receive an certificate warning.  Saunders Technical Support is working to install a proper cert.

Once signed in, select Web Print long the left hand side.  The select Submit a Job.

Select a printer and then click on Print Options and Account Selection.

Designate how many copies you need printed and then click on Upload Documents.

Select the PDF you want to print and then click on Upload & Complete.  Your document will print.

Printing from non-RIT equipment


We strongly recommend using web based printing (instructions above) for printing from a non-RIT computer.  Using personal computers can result in your system being blocked by the security protection should your credentials be forgotten.  This is a common occurrence with non-RIT computers and is why we strongly recommend not using these instructions.

Adding Network Printer to Windows

If you would like to add a printer to your personal computer, you will need to first authenticate to the print server.  Windows users can do this by clicking on their Start Menu and typing \\ and pressing enter.  When prompted for your username and password, be sure to use your RIT Computer Account username and password.  You must also place MAIN\ in front of your username.  Once you see the list of printers, right-click on the one you want and select Connect.  You will not be able to connect to printers you do not have access to.

Adding Network Printers to a Mac

Some of our faculty have non-domain attached Macs that they would like to print from. This was previously an issue on how to handle, but it is now easy to do! Follow the directions below:

  1. Select the Advanced Tab on the Printer Setup window.
  2. If there is no Advanced tab, you can add it by doing "Ctrl-Click" on the "Default" icon in the window.
    1. Select "Customize Toolbar." Another window will pop-up where you can drag the Advanced icon up onto the toolbar of the original Printer Setup window.
  3. Once you're in the Advanced tab, select "Windows via SpoolSS" as the type. Device type can remain as "Another Device."
  4. In the URL field, make sure it reads "smb://"PRINTERNAME"
  5. The PRINTERNAME field should be changed to the printers name on the server
    1. ie. 2nd Floor - BW, Dean's Reception - BW


  6. For the Driver Field, select "Search for Driver" and find the driver for the printer you are adding (Most Xerox Machines should have their driver built into OS X)
    1. If Drivers are not built in, the Xerox Driver package can be downloaded from It contains all the drivers for all Xerox machines.
  7. Click the Add button.
  8. Configure any relevant options in the popup window
    1. Click the check-box with "Duplexer" next to it. This will allow two-sided printing.
  9. Click Continue.
  10. Print a test page. It will cause a dialog box to appear asking for a username and password.
  11. Have the user enter their RIT Account password preceded by the domain name(main\username) and password.
  12. Check the box to remember their password in their keychain.
  13. Make sure the test print job does go through and you should be all set.