Clear FlagClearing the flag indicates that an academic alert has been addressed with the student and the student understands the concern and can articulate a plan to change behavior. Instructors and advisors can clear flags. Advisors also have the option to Close the Loop.
Close the LoopClose the Loop allows an advisor to resolve/clear a flag and at the same time send an email to the flag raiser (instructor) notifying them that the flag has been cleared and the reasons it has been cleared.  The flag raiser does not have the Close the Loop option (but they can clear the flag).
CommentComments are a type of note.  Comments are linked to a specific academic alert and are designed to provide additional information and detail to the tracking item.  There is an option to share the comment with the student and the flag raiser (instructor).

Connections identify the relationships a user has with an undergraduate student. Users may have multiple connections and will be able to access student information based on those connections. Users can choose to view students based on connections from the Connection drop-down box that appears on the My Students and Tracking tabs.

Instructor connection: Instructors are able to access student information related to the course(s) they are teaching.

Advisor connection: Advisors are able to access information about all courses in which an advisee is enrolled.


Flags are the alerts sent to students. Instructors can raise a flag to indicate a concern about a student's performance in a course. Example: “Low Quiz/Test Scores”

Flag RaiserThe flag raiser is the instructor who initiates an alert for a student with whom they have a connection.

Kudo is a positive alert sent to a student. Instructors can add a kudo to inform a student they are doing well in a course. Example: "Keep Up the Good Work"

MessageA message is a type of note. It is an email sent from the instructor or advisor to the student via the Starfish system. The email message is captured in the student folder and displayed on the Notes tab but is not linked with a specific academic alert.
"My Students" tabThis tab displays a list of undergraduate students that are connected to the instructor or advisor. The display can be manipulated by selecting a different "Connection" (if the user has more than one). To return to the full list of students you just need to select "All My Students" in the Connection drop-down.
ProfileThe Profile page includes information people can see about you in the Starfish system. Access to the information in your profile is based on role. For example, students cannot view your cell phone number, video phone number or alternate email but other instructors and advisors can see this information. The profile section also includes a tab where you can set-up your email notification preferences.
Progress ReportsA progress report provides an easy way for instructors to report concerns on multiple undergraduate students at once. Progress reports will be launched twice a term so instructors can provide feedback at strategic points in time. Reports include undergraduate students on the SIS class roster and multiple tracking items.
Recent Tracking Item Summary

This email is sent to advisors, faculty advisors, and major/department/advising lead once a day with a summary of academic alerts, kudos, and course withdrawals notifications that have been raised in the last 24 hours for their advisees. Users can adjust the time the summary email is delivered in their Email Notifications settings. The summary email is only delivered if there are new alerts, kudos, or course withdrawal notifications sent with in the last 24 hours. The subject line of the email is “Recent Tracking Item Summary”.

Resolve /Clear Flag

Resolve and Clear Flag are ways to "close" a tracking item. Instructors and advisors can resolve tracking items and clear flags as a way to indicate that the concern no longer exists (ex. student has withdrawn from the course, taken an LOA, etc) or the student has addressed the concern and has shown improvement. Flags that remain open at the end of the term will be administratively closed.

Student FolderThe student folder contains an overview of student information, their course schedule, academic alerts and notes that have been added. In the student folder you can view all academic alerts as well as add a new tracking item for a particular student.
Tracking Items

Tracking items are areas that can be monitored in Starfish. There are 2 types of tracking items in Starfish: Flags (areas of concern) and Kudos (positive feedback).


"Tracking" tabThe Tracking tab displays a list of all of the tracking items that have been sent to students. Every tracking item is displayed individually so if a student receives more than one alert their name will appear multiple times on this list. From the Tracking tab you can click on a students name to access their student folder. You can also click on the blue flag icon to access the flag menu. In the student folder there is also a Tracking tab that lists the tracking items the individual student has received.