I am trying to use Starfish but it does not seem to be working.  Who should I contact?
E-mail starfish@rit.edu with any questions. 

What happens when students are flagged?
When an instructor sends a student a flag, they receive an automatic email from the instructor's e-mail address. This email is specific to the course and flag that was raised. The email informs the student that the instructor is concerned about their progress in the course. Templates of the e-mails can be found at Starfish Communications.

Who can raise a flag on a student?
Instructors can flag students and raise kudos for undergraduate students in undergraduate courses. Notifications about Progress Reports will be sent via e-mail. Progress Reports will remain open during weeks 4-6 (main campus calendar) and again weeks 8-10. Instructors are also able to manually raise flags and kudos at any point throughout the semester.

When should instructors flag students?
Instructors can flag students in Starfish any time during a semester when they have an academic concern about a student or if the student needs additional support in the class. 

Who is informed when a flag is raised?
All flags raised will result in an e-mail to the student. Additionally, primary academic advisors, faculty advisors, and support advisors attached to the student through committee assignment in SIS will receive notification of the flags through a daily email summary (subject line is "Recent Tracking Item Summary"). All advisors (academic, support and faculty) can also access this data in Starfish. Academic advisors will often contact students to offer assistance and will be available to meet with students.

What students are in the system?
A student's advisor(s) and instructors can be found on the Network tab in the Student Folder. Their contact information is also located there as well. You can email advisors & instructors directly from the Network tab.

What students are in the system?
Only active, undergraduate students are in the Starfish system. This includes global campuses.

How do I access academic alert information on students who have been suspended or are not an active student for some other reason?
Historical information for a suspended or discontinued student can be requested from starfish@rit.edu but it is not visible in the system.

Why are photos not displaying in the system?
Photos are loaded at different points throughout the term from SIS for students, faculty, and advisors. If students, faculty, and advisors including global campuses have not taken an ID photo on the main Rochester campus their photos will not show.

What courses are in the system?
All courses (graduate and undergraduate level) where an undergraduate student is enrolled are visible in Starfish. Only the undergraduate students in these courses will display in the class list.

What class sections receive progress Reports?
Graded undergraduate class sections (below 600) will receive a Academic Progress Report. Co-op, independent study, Better Me, and wellness courses do not receive a progress report. Flags can be raised at any time during the term, for undergraduate students, using the "Raise Flag" function.

How do I send alerts to undergraduate students that are enrolled in a graduate level course?
Alerts can be sent to undergraduate students that are registered in graduate level courses (600 and above) by using the "Raise Flag" function.

Why are classes showing under "Connections" that I am not teaching? Why can other instructors raise flags on courses I am teaching?
If a course is shared between multiple instructors all of the instructors will have access to the reports and class list. (Example: Four instructors are attached to BIO-100, one instructor teaches the lecture and all four instructors teach at least one section of the lab). It is important that the instructors coordinate to ensure effective use of academic alerts.

Can advisors flag students?
No - only instructors can raise flags.

Who can view academic alert information for their students?
Instructors can view student information related to the course(s) they are teaching.
Advisors can view all of their advisees' student information, including their advisees' flags for all courses.

How can I find a specific flag?
There are multiple ways to search and filter information in Starfish. Visit the Step-by-Step guide for Additional Filters for more details.

If a student drops or withdraws from a course, can advisors still see any flags raised in that course.
Yes, flags raised in a course from which a student has withdrawn or dropped will still be visible by the advisor, even if the flag is cleared.

If a student takes a University Withdrawal or is suspended from the university, can advisors still see student information in Starfish.
No, students who are not active at RIT will not be accessible in Starfish.  Please contact starfish@rit.edu for assistance.

I have multiple RIT email addresses, which one does Starfish use in the system communications.
The system is configured to select the email address that is first alphabetically.  At this time, there is no way to change this.

What time zone is Starfish set to?
The Starfish system is set to Eastern Standard Time. It is important to adjust the delivery time for the Recent Tracking Item Summary on global campuses accordingly. This can be done in  the Summary Emails section in your profile settings Email Notifications tab.

How can I find my students with a second major?
You can use the Filter function on the My students tab to identify students with a second major. Visit the Step-by-Step guide for Additional Filters for more details.

If I use the filter to select students with a flag that I want to email, and a student has multiple flags, will they get the email multiple times?
Yes, if you select the box for each flag and then send the email, it will be delivered to the student multiple times.

If I cancel a Starfish meeting from Outlook, will it cancel in Starfish and notify the student.
No, you should cancel meetings in Starfish so the student is notified and your Outlook calendar is updated.

If I move a Starfish meeting on my Outlook calendar, will it update in Starfish and notify the student?
No, you should edit/update all Starfish meetings in Starfish so the student is notified and your Outlook calendar is updated.

When I cancel a meeting in Starfish, it seems like there is a delay in the notification going to the student. Is this normal?
No, if you make changes to a meeting in Starfish, the notifications should go out quickly. If you are experiencing a delay, please document it and send the information to starfish@rit.edu

Sometimes when I am adding office hours, I get an error message that says I have a conflict, can I override the conflict?
Outlook does not cause conflict errors in Starfish. If you are receiving a conflict error, the conflict exists with another Starfish appointment. Often an existing appointment that doesn’t have an End Date is the cause of this error. Check the End Date on previous office hours to ensure that they have a specific end date. If you continue to get the error contact starfish@rit.edu or 5-5057.

What auto-populated fields are included in an email to the student’s network?
The recipients first and last name are auto-populated in the salutation and the sender’s first and last name are included after the body of the email. See blue text in sample:
Sample Email:

Dear <First Name> <Last Name>,
This email is being sent to all of John Doe's instructors and advisors as listed in Starfish.
I wanted to let you know that John Doe asked me to let you know he will be out of town for a family emergency until next Monday. Please let me know if you have any questions. You can contact me at sss5555@rit.edu or 475-5555.
<First Name> <Last Name>