New due date detail: You must post your questions by 24 hours before class meets (By Monday at 3:00 for Tues section; by Tues at 4:00 for Wed section).  That way, you have time to respond to other folks questions in the last 24 hours.

And FYI - articles can be downloaded from the articles page :)

Please submit your suggested quiz questions about each text, article, video assignment from the course.  Every week, I will add a wiki page for each assignment.  You should edit that page, and add your suggested question(s).  Question details and requirements include:

1.  do not repeat a question which someone else has already posted

2.  a maximum of 12 questions PER ASSIGNMENT may be posted.  If eight have already been posted, please choose a different text, article or video assignment.

3.  one of your questions must be a multiple choice question (with the answer options),

4.  and one must be a fill in the blank OR short answer (max of 3-5 sentences for the essay answer).

5.  each question must include an answer key:

6.  You should also comment on and/or edit at least two questions which other students post.  Comments can include gentle constructive feedback, like "Wow, this question is hard!", or "I think this would be a great question if the meaning of the word "disability category" was clarified.  Do you mean functional categories, or IDEA categories?"  You should also include positive feedback, such as "Great question, it captures that point of this article/text/video really well."  Editing can include spelling and/or grammar corrections, and rewording suggestions for clarity.

Note:  If you disagree with someone's edits, you of course can re-edit the question.  This is the nature of collaborative construction of text on a wiki. 

*Please keep ALL feedback and editing helpful and positive.  *A professional demeanor is required here.  If you post any feedback which is excessively negative, unsupportive, and/or unprofessional, you will lose course credit for that week's questions.  As a faculty member, I maintain respect for each of you, and I expect the same from you both towards me and towards each other.

This assignment will garner one point per question which you pose (two points per week), plus an extra point each week for overall helpfulness and courtesy portrayed in your feedback to other students.  These points will contribute to 10% of your final course grade.