Who can work in the SMFL?

Anyone, provided their project is a good fit with the capabilities of the facility.  We host internal and external researchers in the SMFL.

What are the SMFL's Hours of Operation?


How do I start a project in the SMFL?

The full process for Internal and External Projects can be found here.

How much does it cost to use the SMFL?


How do I get Safety Training?

How do I get trained/certified on the tools?

How do I get Off Hours Access?

Off hours access is a privilege granted to users at the discretion of the SMFL management

The full process for obtaining Off Hours can be found here.

How do I bring my own chemicals into the SMFL?

The lab may not have the chemicals you need.  If this is the case, fill out the Imported Chemical Form and contact T. Grimsley before you bring the material into the SMFL

The entire procedure can be found here